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Albanese & Sons Builders

Leonard Albanese & Sons Builders creates the ultimate private-estate living experience. For three decades, we have established an unparalleled reputation as a master builder of custom homes and outstanding communities. Our work is showcased on the lush grounds of the famed Boca Raton Resort; on the shore of Biscayne Bay; on the mountainsides of Aspen; and within the gates of the most exclusive communities between Palm Beach and Coconut Grove.

We serve a very demanding clientele, who expect the very best. What we provide is a meticulous attention to detail, a passion for perfection and an unfailing promise of satisfaction. Each and every home we build is proof of that commitment.

From conception to completion, our team of architects, engineers, landscape designers, and interior decorators work hand in hand with our building team to deliver your dream home.

A Family Owned Company

Whether it is new construction, additions and renovations, or commercial work and tenant build outs, we are qualified to meet your needs..

It’s All in the Detail

We are proud of the craftsmen and artisans who provide the precision and eye for detail that distinguish the homes we build for you. Out-of- the-ordinary is expected, whether we are installing a floor rescued from a medieval French castle, hand-picking Italian stone for a one-of-a kind fireplace, or importing artists from Spain to paint a magnificent trompe l’oeil ceiling mural. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve seen it all and are always looking forward to fresh ideas. Every aspect in our homes is meticulously crafted and every enhancement you select is added to create a customized home that is uniquely yours; beautiful and comfortable. We offer quality materials and superior design, to the highest standards in the Industry.

We’re here for you. When custom building a home or renovating a current one, each and every element that brings your space together is thought about. Working closely with Designers, Architects and, of course you, we take a deep dive into the look, feel and layout that best fits your needs and dreams. The true customization will make your space feel like home in no time. Allowing you to bring your style and personality to life, each room will flow cohesively together with details that are one-of-a-kind to you. We know that sometimes it can be little things in life that will make a home feel complete or grand statement areas to really captivate a space. Constantly finding solutions and options for a variety of materials and styles allows us to help your dreams become a reality.

So, do you have unique ideas that you want to see in your home, office or create something from new? Let us worry about the details and you’ll be in a new, customized space before you know it.